How to Access Artemisa

Who can use ARTEMISA? 

Any scientific group affiliated to a Spanish public university or public research institution can apply to use Artemisa.

I want to use Artemisa, what shall I do?

Artemisa can only be used via a “User Group” (UG), which should be previously registered and have an active access approval. These access approvals are granted for periods of four months (renewable). The applications of the UGs will be evaluated by an “Access Committee”.

How do I register a User Group?

Each UG has an applicant who makes the application and acts as contact person. The applicant is responsible for the management of the Artemisa group and serves as a link with the personnel that runs Artemisa. The applicant does NOT need to be the Principal Investigator of the research group.

The User Group must register through an application form that the contact person can fill in the intranet of Artemisa.

Please read the Access Guidelines and Requirements.

Once registered and the application approved, can I use Artemisa without restrain?

No, the usage approval is for four months. After this period a new application for access or renewal must be made. The periods of call for application can be seen here.

The available resources are also limited. 

The UGs and their members must comply with the General Usage Terms which must be signed prior to the use of Artemisa.